We have more than God’s call. We, also, have his promise.

Learning From God's Word

“I will certainly be with you” (Exodus 3:12).

These words were spoken by God. hey were spoken to Moses. Why did God speak these words to Moses, and why does he continue to speak these words to us?

Moses was being called to do something big – for God. Moses felt that it was too big for him. He needed to know that he was not on his own. He needed to know that God was with him.

What about us? Are there not times when everything seems to be too much for us – times when we need to hear the words, “I will certainly be with you”?

We may be too quick to say “I can’t” when God is trying to get our attention with his precious promise “I will certainly be with you.”

The words, “I can’t”, are all about ourselves.” The words, “I will certainly be…

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Love that stands the test of time …

Learning From God's Word

Eternity – it’s a word that makes us feel like we’re completely out of our depth.

Love – it’s a word that we like to hear.

We read the first words of the Bible – “In the beginning, God” (Genesis 1:1), and we feel like we are in the presence of eternity.

In Genesis 1:27, we read about God creating us in his own image. Here we feel like we are in the presence of love.

We read about the eternal God, and we read about the God of love.

Eternal love – this is what we have in Genesis 1.

How are we to understand eternal love?

The moment we speak about eternity, we feel that we cannot go much further with this. When, however, we begin with love, our interest increases. We feel like we can get somewhere when we begin with love. Eternity – we feel like…

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