This is what God says…

Learning From God's Word

“This is what I think.” This is what God says.

What a difference there is between these two statements.

The first – “This is what I think” – tells us that it’s all about human opinion. It tells us that human opinion is all that we have – nothing more than human opinion.

The second – “This is what God says” – tells us that there’s more than human opinion. There’s the Word of the Lord.

There are so many things, in life, that are a matter of human opinion. Often, we have to say, “We agree to disagree.”

We agree to disagree – Is this all that we have? or Can we ask the question, “Is there a word from the Lord?” – and give the answer, “There is” (Jeremiah 37:17).

The question that was brought to Jeremiah, all those centuries ago, is still the most important question we…

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