Let’s praise the Lord.

The Bible tells us about our wonderful Saviour. As I was thinking about the Bible – God’s written Word – and Jesus – God’s living Word, my heart rejoiced in the Lord. How great is our Saviour! We thank God for Him – and we thank God that the Bible tells us the Good News that we have such a wonderful Saviour.

“Jesus loves me” – May your heart rejoice as you listen to and sing along with this lovely hymn of thanksgiving for Jesus, our wonderful Saviour.

“He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6).

Are we travelling on a road that’s going nowhere? Sometimes, it feels like this. God’s Word says, “No.” Is there the glorious hope of an eternal future – with God? God’s Word says, “Yes.”

“When the road is rough and steep, Fix your eyes upon Jesus, He alone has power to keep, Fix your eyes upon him, Jesus is a special friend, One on whom you can depend, He is faithful to the end, Fix your eyes upon Him.”

Here’s a link to this song of faith. May you be blessed as you listen to this song of faith, and sing along with it.

Here’s another song which will help you to worship the Lord Jesus.

“Abram worshipped the Lord” (Genesis 13:4).

Here, we see Abram, returning to a place where he had, at an earlier time, worshipped the Lord. As I was reading this verse, I thought of a song that I haven’t heard for years – How long has it been since you talked with the Lord?

How long? – Too long!

Now is the time for making a new beginning with God.

“There’s a way back to God
From the dark paths of sin;
There’s a door that is open
And you may go in:
At Calvary’s cross
Is where you begin,
When you come as a sinner to Jesus.”

For the music, click on this link: There’s a way back to God …

“Further down the road, heaven waits for me.”

Whatever the future may hold – none of us knows, only the Lord, let us hold on to this: By the grace of God, we are heading for heaven.

“Further day down the road, heaven waits for me” – Take this thought with you on your journey through life, and be blessed by the Lord.

May your faith in the Lord be strengthened as you think about this;

“Further down the road, heaven waits for me.”

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