One Year Bible: Day 62 – Leviticus 9:1-10:20; Mark 11:27-12:12; Psalm 29:1-11

In the sacrificial system, everything was to be done “as the Lord has commanded” (Leviticus 9:7; Leviticus 10:15). This was the foundation of Jesus’ authority. He lived His whole life in perfect obedience to the Father’s will. Only those who, through faith, are in union with Him, will recognize the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who refuse Christ, seeking to take salvation into their own hands (Mark 12:6-8), show that they do not understand that Christ alone has the authority to be the foundation of our salvation. When we consider the greatness of God’s salvation, we give glory to Him (Psalm 29:2,9) and the glory appears among us (Leviticus 9:23).


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